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His Will My Way




His Will My Way

by Orlando Parker

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This is an enspiring novel based on true events of a man going through lifes trials and trubulations. The mirror image of a needle in a haystack. His passion is love. He soon finds out that everyone doesn't see that love inside of him. His only true answers are only in the one he trust, Jesus Christ. His Grandfather is the only man in this would he loves and trust. He has passed away and his only hope is the one intenty he has ever know are words from the bible. The travels of leaving your family , moving from state to state in seach of work, he meets alot of challenges. Some are good and most of the time they are bad. He never gives up.He feels he must be sucecessful in the outcome so that he can get the rest of his family in a position to be a part of the blessings.



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His Will My Way Orlando Parker

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Orlando Parker


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